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Yemen Organization concluded its training course about monitoring and documentation of prison conditions in Yemen with the support of the European Union

yemen organization 3 Yemen organization for defending rights and democratic freedoms ended a training course on last Tuesday, 17 November 2015 related to monitoring and documentation for the prisons condition in Yemen among its project of death penalty  abolishment in Yemen with the support of the European union    

Training course targeted trainees from a number of provinces, various

Yemenicities,focused on theinternational covenantson human rights , and trainees through this course has gained

skills and knowledge of the documentation and monitoring mechanisms in prisons and places of detention and the importance of monitoring and evaluation and take the necessary protective procedures , to the use of monitoring , documentation and reporting forms.

The trainees in the session ensure the importance of their role for the humanitarian treaties apply to the treatment of prisoners recommended by the United Nations Conference on the first Crime Prevention, which was held in Geneva in 1955 and approved by the Economic and Social Council in 1957, as well as the need to apply local laws and conventions and international treaties on human special rights to improve the conditions of prisons and prisoners, with the need to educate prisoners about their rights and so the prisons will turn from becoming a means to suppress to means of discipline and aware the prisoners about their rights and prison transformed into independent administrative body, financially and administratively.

Ali Daylami head of Yemen organization in the end of the course thanked the trainees ,the trainer and team work

He said that the training course is part of one of the stages of the project abolish the death penalty and also within the Organization interest of Yemen prison issues, the fact that this punishment impair juveniles implemented illogical and other political and partisan considerations and references.

And he stressed the importance of the work of observers in documenting these violations and facts as part of the access solutions inyemen organizaton 4 the next phase, which the organization work on in its strategy for the implementation and realization of human rights principles

He also ensured  that this course will be the start of a project monitoring and documenting violations in prisons in order to achieve the principles of keeping humanitarian of the prisoner regardless of his crime, concluding that Yemen Organization and the trainees will work under the framework of one team in order to achieve the principles of human rights in the prison in Yemen.

issued by Yemen Organization for defending Rights and Democratic Freedoms

Sanaa – November 19, 2015

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