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Our Mission
Our Mission is to enhance, support, promote and defence basic principles of Human Right for all people no mater their race, race or ethnic.
Our Vision
Our Vision fo is to be an efficient and transparent non-profit organisation that focuses on human rights issues. Human Rights Defence will be a large result-oriented organisation that reaches and support victims around the Country. Strongly seek to change practice and policy of those violating Human Rights.
Our Background

Yemen Organization for defending Rights &Freedoms Democraticis a non governmental organization ,The organization works on a local and regional level. The importance of establishing such an organization comes from the need to have a national role in supporting and protecting the freedoms and rights, and the commitment to the constitution and binding by the laws. The importance extends to observing and registering the violations like compulsory disappearance, torture, political arrests, discriminations, unfair trials, trials that is not according to constitution, freedom of rights violations, and religious believes, besides it is considered a basic principle in our vision to develop the civil and democratic rights.

1. Respecting and enforcing human rights within the constitution and international laws
2. Defending all citizens who’s constitutional rights are being violated
3. Spreading the culture of human rights and democratic freedoms
4. Strengthening the role of local regional and international partnership in enforcing the principals of civil and democratic human rights
5. Establishing a database of human right violations
6. Establishing a legal centre specialized in defending civil rights and freedom


1. Organizing activities such as holding seminars, conferences, panel discussions and sit-ins. The organization also conducts training workshops and media campaigns
2. Publishing books and reports and educational materials to spread human rights
3. Developing a website (Horyiat) concerned with right, freedom and democratic cases in Yemen.
4. Conducting researches, studies and surveys around rights and freedoms in Yemen.
5. Forming local, regional and international alliances to enforce human rights in Yemen